TSR Merlin

TSR Merlin 1.0

Installs third-party content to The Sims 3 game
Add custom content such as clothes, furniture, families, or residences to The Sim 3 either from files in the sim3pack format or in the .package format.

This tool lets you quickly and easily install custom content, mods and other creations in both .sims3pack and .package formats for The Sims 3. You can just as easily uninstall the same content through Merlin's easy to use Download Management facility.

To make installation safer you have the option to view the content of a file before you install it, giving you complete control over what you install into your game.

Note: There are two versions of this program, one with a windows installer (merlin.msi) and another with a Mac OS X installer (merlin.zip), make sure you download the correct version!

Points of note:

- It's very fast. Installing/uninstalling a .sims3package file takes seconds instead of up to a minute with the Sims 3 Launcher.

- Supports both Mac and PC. Since Merlin is written in Java it supports both platforms, making sure noone is left behind. You will need the latest framework of Java available here: http://www.java.com/en/download/index.jsp.

- Full preview of the content. You will see all contents of a package including images and every file included, making it easy to decide whether to install it into your game or not.

- Keeping your downloads organized. With the Download Management facility you have full control over the content installed into your game.

- On the first run the required framework for installing and using .package files is automatically completed, making sure all you need to worry about is what content to install or not.

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